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Traverse maps a woman’s reflective journey about the precarious states of being in exile. In an exchange of emails, I interviewed a Palestinian woman who writes poems about her life in exile. I was concerned with
how exile affect the feminine psyche? What does it produce in terms of dreams, deliriums, nightmares? And what links the experience of exile to memory?

“The eternal gaze of the horizon, the reverie of water, the uncontrollable heavy waters, maternal water & feminine water, purity and morality, violent waters and the voice of waters.”

The film is a poetic narrative about survival.

Model: Siouxzi Mernagh
Model: Lucie Vítková

  • 8mm Film
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“Filming is an attitude, by filming your attitude and alluring yourself to exist. Loving the middle of the rapture. Its about how you take the challenge, its your attitude and perception, you either make life a drama, or see it as a beautiful part of life. We move from one emotion to another, to one action to another. What we deal with everyday, and in every life... ” - Gleaners and I

Agnès Varda