short film



A woman is made redundant from her fulltime job, up to that point she committed her life towards working long hours to gain a successful career.
Her unexpected conundrum had caused her to suddenly detach from the pace of the world and take time to reclaim her spirit.
She escapes to the bush with a friend, tensions surface when they discover the truth was all a lie.
Together they raise their voice and shape one mutual tune.

Director, Producer, Editor: Melissa Ramos
Actress: Janie Gibson
Actress: Erica Englert
Cinematography: Tobias Brittan
Sound Recordist: Andrew Bettridge
Gaffa: Rakesh Mondal

  • HD Video
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“Filming is an attitude, by filming your attitude and alluring yourself to exist. Loving the middle of the rapture. Its about how you take the challenge, its your attitude and perception, you either make life a drama, or see it as a beautiful part of life. We move from one emotion to another, to one action to another. What we deal with everyday, and in every life... ” - Gleaners and I

Agnès Varda